Austria Cycling Trip Photos (Page 3)

Michael & Bettina

I met them at breakfast and they invited me to go in their car to the ice cave. They are from Heidleberg and Michael learned his English watching Star Trek, the Next Generation.
German couple

Back along the cyclepath

I climbed a long and steep hill because the alternative was a busy highway in the valley below. I guess the view was worth it. The trip down was at 45 km/hr with the brakes applied.

steep hill



I was held up a bit as the farmer, on his bicycle, herded his cows along the trail. In some places the trail was also the road used to get to the farms. All cows in the Alps had cowbells.
pretty town


A town along the way. I had lunch on a bench here.


The trail hugs the bank of the Salzach river, and is used extensively by the locals.

cycle path in Saltzburg

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