Austria Cycling Trip Photos (Page 7)

Melk Hauptplatz

The pedestrian zone that is in most towns and cities I visited.

Melk hauptplatz


Benedictine Abbey

entering Vienna along canal


The trail follows the Danube canal as I approach central Vienna. I cycled about 790 km to this point, then did another 20 km as I toured Vienna.

Schonbrunn Palace

The summer palace of the Hapsburgs.


Contact Me

This tour was done in October, 2002. My name is Ken Brown and I can be contacted at

Further Reading

Anyone contemplating bicycle touring in Europe should visit Trento Bike Pages. It has been online since 1994 and contains dozens of tour reports submitted by individuals. It is based on some of those reports that I selected my destinations.

New: I have now added a written account of my trip

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