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Lynn Valley Trail - Port Dover to Simcoe

I cycled the Lynn Valley Trail in 2000, but I had already posted the following using text and photos contributed by a reader. I have decided to continue using his contribution until I have a chance to go back and see if there are any changes.

Although this is a short trail, it has recently been connected to other trails that go all the way to Brantford. See links at the bottom of this page.


Port Dover is a fishing village located on the shore of Long Point Bay in Lake Erie. It is an attractive place to visit on a summer day and has many lake-related activities during the season. The Erie Beach Hotel and Callahan's Beach House are only two of the many good eating establishments in town.

An added attraction for cyclists, besides a tour around town, is a trail along an abandoned railway line from Port Dover to the town of Simcoe. It is relatively short, approximately eight km, and can be covered in about 40 minutes each way. The trail is not particularly challenging but combined with a visit to the village would make a trip worth while.

To start in Port Dover there is a parking lot on Queen St. at the north end of town. Go north on Main St. (old highway #6) out of town until it curves left. Queen St. is on your right.

The first part of the trail is narrow with some loose stones and is definitely not suitable for wheelchairs and is even awkward for narrow-tired bikes. At about the half way point there is a 120 m stretch alongside the Lynn Valley Road to the Ireland Road. From there to Simcoe the trail is smoother and wider. The trail ends at highway #24 just a few blocks from the centre of town.

The trail follows the Lynn River Valley and crosses back and forth across the river. On your return you can extend your journey by about ¾ km south from the parking lot towards the centre of town. Although the rail line at one time went all the way to the harbour much of the right-of-way is now privately owned.

It should be noted that for some reason the gates along the way have been made very narrow so that cyclists will have to dismount and "wriggle" their bikes between the posts. (see the picture)

- contributed by Eric Skinner

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Thanks to Maarten Heilbron there is a video of this trail.

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