Rhine - Mosel Cycling Trip Photos (Page 1)

St. Goar

The town of St. Goar along the banks of the Rhine. I ate my lunch on a bench at this spot. Almost every town along this stretch of the Rhine has a castle, like the one seen overlooking St. Goar.

Stahleck Castle

Stahleck Castle

I stayed in the youth hostel, located in this castle originally built in the 12th century. They failed to consider cycle tourists back then and inconveniently built their castles at the top of hills. It was a tough push at the end of a 91 km ride.

view from the castle

Castle views

The morning view was lovely as the fog lifted.

another view from the castle
City of Mainz


Mainz, located where the Main flows into the Rhine, is the birthplace of Johannes Gutenberg, inventor of the printing press.

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