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Caledon Trailway

The Caledon Trailway has been improved significantly over the years. I first wrote this page in 1997, I revisited the western half of the trail in 2002 and 2009, the eastern half in 2004. In the meantime I have added updates that I have received from readers, notably Chris Chornenki who cycles the trail frequently. Thanks, Chris. You can also go to the Town of Caledon trail site where there are photos, maps, and news, and to the Region of Peel trail site.

The Trail

The trail is 36 km long with endpoints at Terra Cotta and Highway 9 just north of Palgrave. Road crossings have been gated and are signed. There are maps at a number of major roads (Palgrave, Caledon East, Hwy. #10)

The trail now extends north from Highway 9 to Tottenham with a surface that was improved in 2013. Thanks to Wayne Noble for the update.

The trail has been much improved since I first rode it in 1997. Anything west of Caledon East had a very good surface during my 2009 visit and was enjoyable for both cyclists and walkers. As you went east from Caledon East the surface got progressively rougher, but the town embarked on a resurfacing program during the fall of 2009, 2010, and 2011, and I am told it is now excellent everywhere.

The centre section, between Inglewood and Caledon East, includes the crossing of Highway 10, four lanes of very fast-moving traffic. A bridge has now been constructed here, which eliminates the traffic hazard. Still, be careful because the approaches are fairly steep and when I crossed it in 2009 the surface was rutted from heavy rains.

The landscape along the trail is very pleasant. The land is generally rolling and the trail is bordered by farm fields, woodlots and a couple of beaver dams. The trail crosses a deep valley of the Humber River west of Palgrave, the Credit River in Inglewood, and smaller creeks at other locations.

Trail Amenities

There are signs indicating the distance to the next community at most road crossings. There are no water supplies, but there is a portable toilet at Inglewood and two more in Caledon East, east of Airport Rd.. Large signs with the name of the trail and a map have been erected at major road crossings.

Beyond Palgrave it is 5 km to Highway 9, which is the northern boundary of Caledon. The New Tecunseth trail continues along the same roadbed to Tottenham, and perhaps further. I only cycled about 1 km into New Tecumseth because the surface is quite crude, but some mountain bikers and hikers may enjoy it. Past Tottenham the South Simcoe Railway operates a tourist train on the roadbed.

Accessibility for Wheelchairs and Suitability for Children

This trail is generally excellent to the west of Caledon East and quite good between that town and Palgrave. Some of the road crossings can be busy so parents should ensure that the young children do not get too far ahead. Older children who have good cycling skills should be fine on many sections. The trail would be excellent for hiking with the family.

How to Find

The trail runs generally east/west and therefore crosses the north/south roads and highways between Terra Cotta and Palgrave. It is best to determine from a map approximately where the crossing will be relative to a community or side road, then keep sharp eyes open for the trail. There are signs at some crossings while at others you will have to spot the trail itself. There are few parking lots but you should be able to park along most road crossings, where the shoulder is wide enough. Thanks to Brian Pietrzyk I now have a GPS file for this trail. It is in GPX format, which you can download, then upload to your GPS device. To download the file right click on this link and select "Save Link As..." (in Firefox) or "Save Target as..." (Internet Explorer). In IE you may need to change the extension so that the saved file is Caledon Trailway Aug 2007.gpx: Caledon GPS File

In Palgrave the trail crosses Highway 50 toward the south end of town. In Terra Cotta there is an entrance to the trail from Isabella Street, but it might be difficult to find. The Winston Churchill crossing might be easier to locate, just north of King Road. In Caledon East it is easy to find the trail because there is a Trans-Canada Trail pavilion. Ay Highway 10 you can park in the Ken Whillans Resource Mgmt Area parking lot at no cost (north-west side of the bridge), as the town has an arrangement with Credit Valley Conservation. This is only when the area is open, but their hours are extensive spring thru fall. There is a path from the parking lot to the trail.

western section westcentral section eastcentral section eastern section Click on each of 4 sections of above map (west, two central sections, east) for enlargements, suitable for printing

Where to Stay

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Last Updated August 21, 2013