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Menesetung BridgeGoderich Auburn Rail Trail

Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail



The Trail

The Goderich Auburn Rail Trail is 12 km long with a granular surface. It starts in Goderich at the northeast side of Menesetung Bridge. In the other direction is the Tiger Dunlop Heritage Trail which runs 3 km to the old CPR station and the harbour.

GARTI cycled the GART and Tiger Dunlop in 2000. The first 5 km of GART had a good surface but the final 7 km varied from good to fair. It was bumpy in the fair sections with some soft and wet portions. In 2013 I am told that its current condition is pretty much the same.

The scenery is very nice close to Goderich with good views from the bridge. The rest is pleasant with farm fields and a couple of ponds. There are sections where overhanging trees make a tunnel over the trail. I saw bunnies and birds during my ride.

Trail Amenities

There are benches and kilometre markers. There is no water or washrooms or stores, except in Goderich.

Accessibility for Wheelchairs and Suitability for Children

Goderich end would be suitable for wheelchairs except for a steep stretch up to the bridge. The trail is suitable for children but be careful at road crossings.


The corridor is a former CPR line that was built in 1907. The line ran from Guelph to Goderich harbour where grain and ore were loaded onto freighters. It was discontinued in 1988.

How to Find

To find the old Goderich CPR station follow the signs to the harbour. Parking is available at the station.


Visitor Guide

For tourist information go to http://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/ where you can download an excellent guide.


Last Updated August 9, 2013